Online booking app improved barbershop customer experience

Online booking app improved barbershop customer experience

Alex Holmes
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Our barbershop was established in 2003, and over the years we have developed a good base of regular customers. We're not IT people, and we keep the barbers' schedule in a paper journal. My partner tried to implement CRM, but it is designed for large companies, and our administrators complained about its complexity and the inconvenience of working with it.

Delivering better service

We decided to try Stackdrive. It seemed to me that it might be convenient if you can sign up for the master through our website. Moreover, I am personally an introvert and try to avoid making phone calls.

We designed our app in a few hours, simply by filling out a few tables: a list of barbers and their working schedules. Then we uploaded our logo.

Barbershop app

Self-service app features:

  • Make, change, or cancel appointments
  • Get a list of appointments
  • Use bonus and loyalty cards
  • Chat with assistant

As a service provider, you could:

  • Get orders and manage customer appointments
  • Issue bonus cards and set up loyalty programs in the app
  • Chat with customers
  • Set up marketing campaigns and special offers
  • Send notifications

From paper to iPad

The new self-service app is used primarily by our new clients. However, our other clients, especially younger people, also appreciate the convenience.

We moved from a paper schedule to the Stackdrive appointment management. Our administrators liked the simple Excel-like interface, which works well on their iPads.

We also set up a list of customers who had not been here for over 3 weeks. If they did not have a scheduled appointment, the administrator was notified to call them or send an invitation via SMS. This has increased sales.

As early adopters, we recommend this service. It really works and could improve the customer experience of your business.

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