Booking a car service in one click

Booking a car service in one click

Keith Bailey
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We have a successful car service, and we serve a large number of Clients, and we are confidently growing by 10% per year. We provide high-quality service, and all the time we try to find something new to better discuss customers. We already have a website, which made it possible to issue an application for a re-launch, but still, I had to call back and clarify the time and other details.

We decided to try using Stackdrive for recording Clients and communicating with them, and were very pleased with the experience. Connect the application to the button - sign up for service - for new clients, or immediately open it if the Client has been using the device.

With the help of stackdrive, we were able to organize the display of special promotions, registrations for the service and bonus cards to customers.

Car service app

Self-service app features:

  • Make, change, or cancel appointments
  • Get a list of repairs
  • Use bonus and loyalty cards
  • Provide warranty cards

As a service provider, you could:

  • Get orders and manage customer appointments
  • Issue bonus cards and set up loyalty programs in the app
  • Chat with customers
  • Set up marketing campaigns and special offers
  • Send notifications


All new orders are integrated with Google calendar and the schedule of our masters. At the same time, each master can see his schedule and better plan the work. To avoid misunderstandings, we discuss all questions with the Clients in the chat, which is also stored in Stackdrive. Currently, we are planning to integrate with our CRM system in order to establish an automatic information exchange process.

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