Starting online cleanging service with nocode platform

Starting online cleanging service with nocode platform

Emily Payne
5 min. to read

Our company is only six months old, we are developing the direction of cleaning to order. At first we wanted to make our own application, but after conducting a marketing analysis, we found out that it will cost us $10K dollars, which is too high at the moment.

We began to look for ready-made solutions, developed a landing page and our developer showed us that it can be integrated with a wonderful application, developed at Stackdrive. We seized on this idea, and without any experience in development, we created an owl application in a couple of hours.

Cleaning company app

Self-service app features:

  • Make, change, or cancel cleaning orders
  • Payment history

As a service provider, you could:

  • Get and manage orders
  • Issue bonus cards and set up loyalty programs in the app
  • Chat with the customer to clarify their needs
  • Set up marketing campaigns and special offers
  • Send notifications

Case management

Our business is growing, we are attracting new employees, and working with Stackdrive - it turned out to be extremely easy to add them to the application and keep their schedule. Due to the fact that many operations are automated out of the box. Considering upgrading to Pro to get the most out of your business.

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