Appoiments app converted 60% calls into online bookings

Appoiments app converted 60% calls into online bookings

Arnold Kelly
5 min. to read

Last summer, we decided to test Stackdrive as an app for appointments. Before that, we used a special form on the landing page. However, our customers prefer to call us directly.

Designing the new app

To start, we created a list of customer features:

  • Make an appointment
  • Reschedule an appointment
  • Cancel an appointment
  • Ask about opening hours (especially for holidays)
  • Store bonus card that could be used in our clinic
  • When the list was finished, it took about an hour and a half to fill out the spreadsheets and launch the first version of our app.

    Dental clinic app

    Self-service app features:

    • Make, change, or cancel appointments
    • Get a list of appointments
    • Use bonus and loyalty cards
    • Chat with assistant or doctor

    As a service provider, you could:

    • Get orders and manage customer appointments
    • Issue bonus cards and set up loyalty programs in the app
    • Chat with customers
    • Set up marketing campaigns and special offers
    • Send notifications

    Customer flow

    Before implementing Stackdrive, we used a special form on the website. When the customer filled out the form, the manager received an email. The manager then called back the client to clarify details and make an appointment. All appointments were added to the Google Calendar manually, and doctors could access them to check the schedule.

    Stackdrive automates this task completely. When the customer makes an appointment, Stackdrive checks the doctor’s Google Calendar, showing the available time slots to the customer. Then it automatically adds the appointment. New customers automatically receive an email with loyalty program rules and can access a bonus card using the app.

    Management tools have intuitive interfaces like Excel or Google Sheets. However, they also have some smart features. For example, if a manager changes appointment times, the system will send a notification to the customer and ask him/her to confirm the new time. If the customer doesn’t confirm the new time, the manager will receive a notification to contact the customer.

    Ready to migrate your business online?

    Stackdrive offers a 14-day free trial. It’s free to use until you get orders while using it.
    We offer different plans with additional features and support