More individual trainings with new service app

More individual trainings with new service app

Gabriella Ruiz
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I am the founder of the Running Club running school. Our school employs 4 trainees who conduct group lessons, as well as individual training. Organizing a schedule and agreeing on it with all coaches is not an easy job. Especially when you need to clarify the time individual training and confirm it to the Client.

Application development

We decided to try Stackdrive to organize the registration process for training, and in the future we plan to accept payment as well. through the app. The opportunity to sign up for an individual training session through a convenient application was in great demand among our Clients - the innovation was appreciated by the majority of our students.

Fitness application

Self-service app features:

  • Make, change, or cancel personal trainings
  • Get sport awards from school
  • Get group schedule & sync it with customer calendar

As a service provider, you could:

  • Get and manage personal trainings
  • Issue sport awards and keep their achiements
  • Organize group chats
  • Send notifications

Organization of the process

We closely work with the Stackdrive team, and they listen carefully to our wishes and try to implement the logic that sports schools need. It makes sense that in Stakdrive you can choose a template exactly according to your profile and get your business processes ready. Editing data like in Excel tables also helped us quickly switch to doing business in Stackdrive

After implementing Stackdrive at our school, we freed up a lot of time from routine tasks to start promoting and developing new programs.

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