Starting food delivery during COVID times

Starting food delivery during COVID times

Arianna Fox
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We are a small pizzeria, and before the pandemic, we mainly earned in our restaurants, and delivery brought only 15% of the income. But everything changed with the introduction of a lockdown. After the restaurant was closed, the only option was delivery - and we had to hastily retrain to accept orders.

At that moment, we had a simple website on which we laid out the menu in PDF, and asked the Clients to place an order using it. But taking such orders is very laborious. We work with Uber Eats, but they have a very high commission, and our Customers know us.

We decided to try out the solution from Stackdrive and were able to launch the delivery service in just half a day. While the product is not quite ready yet - our application is in testing stage, but we are already launching it for testing.

Food delivery app

Using this self-service app your customers could:

  • Checkout food order
  • Make sure the order is being prepared
  • Check delivery time

As a business holder you could:

  • Receive orders
  • Receive customer data and keep track of them
  • Conduct advertising campaigns and integrate the service with existing bonus cards
  • Send notifications

Ordering system

As soon as the Client places an order in the application, it immediately appears in our system in the kitchen, and the chefs start preparing it. We are early adopters, and we work closely with the Stackdrive team to make the application as efficient as possible for the business.

In the next six months, we plan to completely switch to Stackdrive for order accounting and integrate with our other systems.

Ready to migrate your business online?

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