Delivering service with personal touch

Delivering service with personal touch

Brandon Patterson
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Our law firm provides services for individuals. We are a team of five lawyers, and an assistant who coordinates our work. As a client-oriented company, we focus on high-quality service and full immersion in the customer’s situation.

We tried different CRM solutions to record our client histories, However, the majority of them are designed for B2B sales or require a lot of effort to do business.

In the end, we stopped at AirTable. It is good for storing information but requires a lot of manual work for the assistant. This is time-consuming and sometimes introduces errors.

Application design

We decided to try Stackdrive to unburden our assistant. The first version of the application was set up in less than an hour, and so far it has taken over 40% repeat orders. It turned out that the ability to place an order using a smartphone is very much in demand among our clients.

Lawyer application

Self-service app features:

  • Make, change, or cancel appointments
  • Schedule appointments with your lawyer in one click
  • Payment history

As a service provider, you could:

  • Get and manage orders
  • Issue bonus cards and set up loyalty programs in the app
  • Chat with the customer to clarify their needs
  • Set up marketing campaigns and special offers
  • Send notifications

Doing business

After a month of use, we are seriously thinking about finally switching to Stackdrive and transferring all our customer data there. The product is still in development, but it has many useful features that are very convenient for business.

Ready to migrate your business online?

Stackdrive offers a 14-day free trial. It’s free to use until you get orders while using it.
We offer different plans with additional features and support