Saving time and getting more orders with self-ordering app

Saving time and getting more orders with self-ordering app

James Ward
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A couple of years ago, my partner and I founded a small company that provides plumbing services. We placed advertisements on the Internet and began to receive our first orders. In two years, we have grown into a small company of seven people, and we require a different approach to management.

Plumbing is a service that people receive only occasionally, and it’s difficult to build strong relationships with customers if they need our services only once every few years. It’s often the case that our clients search the internet to find a contractor next time.

Retaining clients is not easy, and we use various solutions: bonus cards, mailing lists etc.

Integration with landing page

We integrated the Stackdrive app with our landing page. If the customer was authorized in the app, the landing page would automatically open and allow the customer to place an order.

The app also keeps bonus card and customer information, so there is no need to fill out a form providing your name and address. This saves time and dramatically increases conversion.

Plumber app

Self-service app features:

  • Make, change, or cancel orders
  • Store address information
  • Get a fast consult using chat
  • Use bonus and loyalty cards

As a service provider, you could:

  • Get and manage orders
  • Issue bonus cards and set up loyalty programs in the app
  • Chat with the customer to clarify their needs
  • Set up marketing campaigns and special offers
  • Send notifications

Managing orders

Our staff works remotely, so we installed the Stackdrive mobile CRM for all of them. When a new order comes in, we assign a plumber to it. The plumber can talk to the customer using chat, seeking information and photos to clarify the problem.

After this fix, all information is available in the self-service app, including our warranty obligations. This creates trust and better relations with our customers.

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